Sociological Perspectives Narrative

We attach our selves to names of certain people or things . Symbols are used to describe the relationships that we have with one another. Without symbolic Interactions there would be no names to associate with people like a sister or brother . This also includes a teacher , an associate or a co-worker, These people may have names but they have a certain name that categorizes them into where they are related to you and how you should act towards them.

Our actions towards people depend on the symbols we associate society with such as how you treat a boss compared to a sibling.

Without this type of perspective there would be no way to socialize things such as the government which would mean that the most common things that are used In everyday life wouldn’t be here. This theory Is used describe things that are untouchable such as love, marriage or being a parent . It all goes back to how you rationalize these relationships with the meaning you put to it .

The love a child has a different meaning than the love you feel with a husband or wife. Certain factors determine the relationship one has has with a person or thing.

Regardless of something’ meaning or significance, everyone and everything has a symbol attached to it and this is how our society keeps sense of themselves and the world round them. This theory states that relations between people are always going to be mutual meaning that ones actions are going to lead to a reaction from that person. Humans create their own symbols in which we attach our thoughts to, giving way to the sociological perspective of how we react and treat others In our lives.

The people behind Symbolic Interactions are George Herbert Mead and Charles Horton Cooley.

The believed that society functioned upon symbols and the idea that the meaning of a symbol changed the way society reacted to it . Anything that we attached to a meaning would influence society as a whole. One could look at someone like their brother and the other could look at them as their lover; those being two completely different scenarios on how that husband or brother is treated by certain people.

They believe that each person or thing has their own role as a symbol In society and this has to do with the label that all things apply to. A dog, and priest, or the idea of love; they all mean something to society and this is how Mead and Cooley developed the Idea of this theory.

Means that there are branches and parts that are all connected in order to functional properly. Just as in a workplace where all workers have a specific job that make the company work smoothly, society calls for similar tactics.

Each part of society is connected as a whole and works together to work towards a goal. A college has professors who teach the students and the end result is that they will get the education.

That education that will take them to a Job that will require them to use the skills they learned to help make the company run effectively. Every part of society has a role that inevitably makes the world go round. When this function is not applied, production in all aspects is halted or disturbed.

In a family if the working parts of this family are disrupted such as the father not being able to pay bills or the mother not taking care of the children, the cooperation of that part of society is no longer functional .

Each individual part is working towards a common goal and in order to reach that goal they must work as one mechanically unit to accomplish a positive end result. Without the certain parts of society doing the parts that are required, inevitably, society would struggle and there would be immense chaos and discombobulating. Robert Morton is the theorist behind functional analysis.

He believed that functions ND dysfunctions kept the society in balance.

Functions were beneficial consequences of the actions that the people took and they helped keep the group functional whereas dysfunctions were negative consequences to a person and their actions and they would threaten the societies equilibrium. Morton believed that societies have both manifest or latent functions. This meaning that there are positive intentions in order to improve society or negative intentions by which society is not benefiting but the choices of the people.

Conflict theory is the idea that society is composed of groups that are in perpetual inflict with one another for scarce resources. Each group has the idea that one is more powerful over the other so society is in a constant battle to get to the top.

Social order is maintained by domination and power by which each group much inevitably have some kind power even if it’s within ones own group. The rich and powerful will do anything to keep their wealth and dominance . This includes by belittling the poor and powerless.

These people will try and dominate by any means possible to keep them above any social class.

Social change will happen if those who are getting taken advantage decide to rebel causing turmoil and conflict of the lower and upper classes that are against each other. This theory takes over a role much like like the survival over the fittest idea; who ever is has more power will stay at the top whereas who ever cannot beat the person who is in front of them will not survive. There is always someone about you in every situation. A student to a teacher or a manager to a boss.

Even in the government there is always someone who is going to tell you what to do and how to do it.

There is always some part of each society that has to deal with omen who is going to be above them . Society and this is how he developed the conflict theory. The bad working conditions of the Industrial Revolution with the average death rate of a worker being about thirty years old and fifty years old for a wealthy person ,encouraged Marx to look more into the idea of these social classes. He concluded that ” the key to human history is class conflict” .

The bourgeoisie is the means of production are controlled by the people who are not in power. These people controlled proletariat’s who were the workers of the bourgeoisie and were taken advantage of by them. The fatalists controlled the legal part of the working system. “If the workers rebel, the capitalists call on the power of the state to subdue them “. ( page 28) Marx concluded that that luxuries that are known today such as coffee breaks or paid vacations were not because of the generosity of the capitalists but because the working class forced their employers onto these ideas.

When rationalizing these three theories I believe that the most important one of the theoretical perspectives is Functional Analysis. The reasoning behind this is because of how society today forms around this theory. It focuses on how one interprets who hey are in society and also how society looks at them. It focuses on the idea that everyone belongs somewhere within their society. It also focuses on the norms, mores and values of a society separating how one acts and what they consider ” normal Normal for one society could mean odd or different in another.

I believe that functionalism creates more variety in our society from how the cultures of other societies vary and influence ours. The poor and poverty stricken countries compared to our way of living is very different even from the parts of our country that we consider to be poor is much better off than the slums of India. The idea of functional analysis helps there to be more social mobility in a sense that there is less conflict because of the certain roles that are taken over by a certain person. The networking parts of a society all match together to make it run and work in an organized manner.

Without the idea that everyone has a useful purpose our society would be in pure chaos . Our society is made up of branches that intertwine and work as a whole.

You can’t get to one branch without crossing over another, To get higher up in a company you start at the bottom and work your way up. Functional analysis is what I believe is he most useful and rational of all the functions because the way in contributes to our societies needs and well being as a whole.. Sociology is the study of human social behavior.

This is including how we act and how we interact with others and how we react to our society.

We come across a lot of situations in our lives that are both beneficial and harmful to our selves and even our way of living. Social research should not be limited to Just the understanding of human behavior. It should also be investigated as a whole whether it is negative and harmful or beneficial and positive. It should be understood in all ways to accurately et a better understanding of our society. If only one side of human behavior is investigated, how is one to figure our the possibilities of the rest of the world?

Who is one to say that the harmful social arrangements of society are not to be explored? We need a better understanding of how people act,the way they do and why.

Having way to improve the lives of the people in our society. The positive ways we interact with people could be improved and would only get better. The violence in our country could be better understood and could be stopped if we knew the reasoning behind the violence. Investigating every form from which our society derives from would create a better state of well being for all who inhabit our country.

Not only would we benefit form it but other countries and societies would too with having the research conducted. I think more positive would come out of inquiring the information from all parts of every society in which every aspect of the group is put into the perspective of a how they act and why whether it’s harmful or helpful.

Our world would be a better place if we had a better reasoning behind why we have violence or why we have good or bad people in our societies because sociology is not emitted to one one form of people but all humans as a whole.

In sum, the theoretical theories have given our society a way to look at our selves and other people whether it’s good or bad. The theorist who created these theories have shed light on what we know today as our society and have bucking us a better understanding of how our lives function. The research of sociology of people should be studied with the intentions of seeing both the negative and positive sides of the people we are surrounded by.

Our society as a whole comes in many forms and I is limited only to those who don’t believe we are all different.