Self-care activities to boost your immune system during self-isolation

I’m sure everyone can relate in one way, or another. If you’re not directly affected, you know someone who is. You know how tough it’s been – for us all.

But there are good moments. Moments when I remember to take care of myself. When I remember to keep my stress and depression (disguised as anxiety) in check.

And, in taking a step back, there are actually some good self-care activities that I’ve been incorporating into our new daily schedule to keep aligned and to boost the good ol’ immune system.

Self-care activities I’m doing to boost my immune system

Staying up to date, but not getting lost with theSkimm

I did mention some great tips to stay sane (and happy) during social distancing in this article, but this point stands: turn down the news.

I didn’t think too much of this whole Coronavirus until I heard two things on the news in the same day: prestigious university closures, and the rest of the basketball season was canceled.

I was like, “Oh, dang. This is really serious.”

Then the COVID-19 hurricane hit hard. And I’ve long since turned off the news because I just can’t take all of the confusion.

It’s great to keep up with what’s going on without the overwhelm and stress and anxiety that comes with being bombarded on Facebook and Twitter with constant updates about infections and death toll

Taking a daily immune boosting shot

Ain’t nobody trying to get this stuff.

And I am by no means a medical doctor, so I am not claiming to know what will keep the coronavirus at bay.

That means taking my vitamins every day. That means doing little extras to try to keep my immune system real strong to fight off what’s going around.

I just don’t want Corona. I don’t want any of these sicknesses going around. But especially not this new one.

My mom made this drink, and we’ve all been taking shots together.

She’s been so gracious to agree to share the recipe for you all:

1 finger ginger

1 fresh turmeric root

2 lemons without the rind

1 1/2 cups orange juice, unsweetened

2 apples

1/4 medium onion

1/2 teaspoon beet powder (optional)


Put it in the blender, and pulse until it’s a “textured” drink. Enjoy!


Going on regular walks

Walking is supposed to be really good for your heart.

Being stuck inside messes with you. I don’t think I’ve ever in my life felt more like a rat trapped in a cage than I have in the past few weeks.

With parks being closed, and the inability to even go on a hike, we’ve opted for walks around the neighborhood as one of the better self-care activities I’ve found.

Sure, the sights ain’t the greatest.

But just being outside, looking past the cars up to the snow-capped mountains, breathing in the fresh(er) air truly works wonders for the mind, the body, and the soul.

Eating regular meals (although too many of them are admittedly fast)

I’m definitely afraid of getting Coronavirus. Just not scared enough to stop eating out, apparently.

It’s not good, I know. And yet. I try to look on the bright side here, though. I’m eating three meals that may or may not be square every single day, y’all!

That’s good, right? Be better than me. Make sure to square those meals off to take care of yourself, and ensure that immune system is ready to kick some germ-making ass.


Doing light exercises for my momtum and my butt (because summer will wait for no one)

Who else has a mombod that just won’t quit? Getting any better with sitting around and stuffing your face all day? Yeah, mine either.

You know what depressing thought I had just a few minutes ago, though?

Summer is coming. For us all.

She’s never been kind, but this year, she’s out for blood.

So, I’ve been trying my BEST to get in some (very) light core exercises for my diastisis recti issue so as to not make it worse, but also try to minimize it before the heat really starts to turn up.

The winter months were so kind to allow me to wear oversized sweatshirts. That’s out the window now, though.

So. Yeah. Ugh.

Drinking as much water as I can (when I remember to do so)

It’s not news to any of us that drinking enough water every day helps with hydration of your body (which is made up of like 60% water).

Being sufficiently hydrated helps you fight off the yucky stuff. Not even thinking about this, honestly, but just knowing I need to drink some doggone water, I try to keep my water bottle full. I got a really cute one from my stepmom at my appropriately socially distanced birthday party this year. Keeps me more motivated to actually drink from it.


Getting sleep

Granted, I’m a new-ish mom of 10-month-old twin boys. So, there’s that. I get what sleep I can. I take naps almost never. But, we do what we can with what we have! I will say this, though. Don’t get sucked into the sexiness of staying up all hours of the night just because you don’t have to get up to go into the office all early. Or you just don’t have much to do at all.


Make sure you’re getting as much sleep before 12 am as possible (it’s the most restful sleep you can get).

Minimizing stress

I’m historically really bad at stress management.


I love what I do, and so it makes it really, really hard for me to turn it off.

I could be laying in the bed, up for hours on my phone, writing out full articles or typing out ideas that won’t leave me be.

Simply because stress lowers a person’s immune system, and their ability to fight off infection. I don’t succeed all of the time. When I do, though, I feel the weight lift off of my shoulders just for a little bit. And that little bit makes all of the difference.


Going on long car rides

Yep! We are still going on the car rides. Because they save our lives. We’ve created somewhat of a schedule around them, though now.

What we do is get up in the morning, get dressed, and go (after we give the boys bottles and diaper changes, of course).

My boo in the driver seat, and me getting on his nerves, with our babies in the back making strange baby noises gives me a sense that all is right in the world. It’s peaceful. It’s bonding. It might be my favorite of all of the self-care activities right now.

And it might be something we keep doing even when all this is over.

Staying focused on what matters most

Yeah, there are all of the virtual conferences and home-schooling responsibilities and running of the businesses during a crisis.

Yes, it’s a whole doggone LOT.

It can be damn near impossible to squeeze in just a few moments to yourself to freakin BREATHE.

I get it.

So, if you’re not able to do anything in this self-care activities list at all, make sure you take this one with you.

Hone in on that. Focus all of your energy on it.

Let it guide you through this crap storm back to safety.

Always be happy,