Real people’s top happy things to do after quarantine

“If there is hope in the future, there is literally power in the present.” Zig Ziglar

When I had the idea to put together a post about things to do after quarantine and lockdown, I just had no clue how happy the responses would make me!

It felt really good to, first, get any kind of reply to the random questions I put out there. But, more than that, it felt so good to read through the types of simple things that make us happy.


My hope in writing this article is that you’re inspired about our future as we come out of this extended self-isolation period. My wish is that you’re left with the hope that it’s going to get better!

And soon.

Top happy things to do after quarantine

So, my question was simple. I asked both on my Twitter and Facebook:


“Definitely the safari park 🙂 my kids will love it there now” – Linda

“A massage!! My shoulders and neck are so tense.” -Amber P.

“Let’s see…see family, mani/pedi, eat out (haven’t for 2 months), people watch at the mall. There’s so much!” -Nydia H.

“I have been listening to songs that make me happy every morning as part of my mindfulness ritual lately. One song says it all – Eat cake by the ocean. That’s what I look forward to.” –Madi Dearson


“Giving long hugs to all the people I missed or couldn’t because of social distancing. I’m a touchy-feely type 🥰🤗” -Chelsea B.

“I want to go shopping at a market in East London called Roman Road. I’m having withdrawal symptoms.” –BP3 Underwear

“BBQ poolside with friends and family! Summer time is my favorite time! I need my people! ☹️” -Madison S.

“Church and family” -Jackie B.

“Weekly farmers market with mommy friend letting the kids run around n eating yummy food. And church! But the kids are dying to go to Disneyland!” -Sarah P.

“Honestly? Going to the beach and having a big party at my fave tiki bar – dancing the night away” -Stephanie G.

“Get back to the gym again and punch people. I’m loving the fact I’ve moved online as a kickboxing coach but I can’t wait for some face to face interaction with my clients (and coaches!)” –Jessica Fleischer


“Being able to eat restaurant food fresh instead of lukewarm and soggy from condensation.” -Imani C.

“Church, Visit people, Movies” -Jim B.

“Santa Monica beach and people watch and laugh with my friends under a tent with food and music and laughter. One trip with the kids and one grown-ups trip! I want a farmers market with all the yummy food. I even want to go on dates! Meet a man and share ice cream. This quarantine is limiting my dating options. NO I don’t want to come over and watch movies 🤦🏽‍♀️😆I do that at home!” -Evonna E.

“To eat at home more, we always eat out, but my hubby has rediscovered his love of cooking, and we’re actually enjoying proper family mealtimes.” –Emma Iannarilli

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eeting up with friends or going with family to a nice Sunday brunch. I miss getting dressed up, usually sitting in the restaurant’s patio area, listening to live music, enjoying delicious buffet style meals with bottomless everything. I prefer restaurants by the beach, lake or in a vineyard… sigh. 😩 lol I miss it.” -Shay S.

“HIKING” -Christy M.

“To have proper Japanese ramen, in an authentic environment – made fresh, from chefs in bandannas, and served with cold sake!” –La Carmina

“Sneezing guilt free!! 💪🏿” -Vic J.

“There used to be a café in Clapham called Bread etc they made the best breakfast in the world. Butter churned onsite, everything tasted heavenly. They were London’s best-kept secret, so they closed down. If they were still open, I would have breakfast there every day for a month” –Segilola Salami

“To hug and hold my grandparents! I just got back to Cali after being away for so long. I feel like Corona is stealing my time away from them. It is not fair. Or be able to take my mom places. She is my favorite road dog and event partner. She’s trapped inside due to anxiety caused by the pandemic. 🤷🏾‍♀️” -Jessica H.

“Walking around target maskless 😂😂😂” -Christin R.

“If they’re lifted in time – I have a mountain biking holiday in Scotland. If not, well, there are a lot of people I’d like to visit.

“Going out of town to visit my family.” -Erin H.

“To go to the beach or chase a waterfall. I live on an island surrounded by an abundance of water bodies and I can’t go anywhere.” –Ornella Verde

“Long walks in any park, or boardwalk.” -Ehriqa L.

Again, I absolutely loved hearing from everyone. I hope I can do something like this again soon!


Always be happy,