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The lives of Manhattans teenage elite creates a paradigm for female teenagers to follow (Lance Joseph, 2013) One of COW Television Network’s hit television series of six seasons, Gossip Girl has created an image of the Ideal life for the current Generation Y.

Wealth, fame and power; three things mankind has sought after from generation to generation. A life of luxury is a closet full of chic designer wear, a garage with an Audio and other such material wealth. Fame is being part of the elite society and setting trends with that fame.

Power Is the knowledge that you can Influence others as well as get anything you want with that power. Films and television dramas mostly targeting the teenage audience Increasingly shows us the stereotyping that is present in schools and sometimes, though exaggerated, Is very close to home. It reinforces the cliques that we see today In high schools and colleges.

Films like The Breakfast Club (1985), Clueless (1995) and Mean Girls (Bibb always portray a consistent image of high schools and the preps and socks with all their wealth, fame and power are always the people everyone wants to that is.

We dream about being Just like these trust fund kids with everything in the world at their fingertips. It is an ideal life that young teenage girls, especially, fall prey to and moulds their minds and shapes what is going on in colleges and schools all over the world. The Show It is a glittering showcase of upper class Manhattan. The privileged prep school teens on Manhattans Upper East Side first learn that Serene van deer Woodsmen (Blake Lively) is back, from her self-imposed exile to boarding school, the way they learn all the important news in their lives from the blob of the all-knowing albeit ultra- secretive Gossip Girl.

No one knows Gossip Girl’s identity, but everyone in this exclusive and complicated vicious circle relies on her website and text messages for the latest scoop.

Even Serenade’s closest friend, Blair Waldron (Leighton Monster) is surprised to find her back in town. Serene and Flair’s friendship have always been extremely competitive and Blair used to live in the notorious party girl Serenade’s shadow. Serene was also a threat to her relationship with Neat Archibald (Coach Crawford), of a power family in the Upper East Side.

These two girls come from reputable families and basically rule the social scene. The entire society lives for gossip and scandal along with fashion, shopping at Bloodiness’s and Tiffany and attending over-the-top parties in Manhattans trendiest hot spots. Alcohol, drugs, sex and basically being filthy rich is their world and this is a world you have to be born into, full of wealth, power, and people like Chuck Bass (De Westward) of renowned Bass Industries.

A friend of Ante’s since childhood, Chuck leads a reckless life, and constantly pushes Neat to explore his dark side.

Gossip Girl keeps track of the shifting friendships, power struggles, Jealousies and turmoil in this wealthy and complex world. The Impact Fancy parties, elite society, gorgeous houses and endless bank accounts, this is very much what grabbed my attention in Gossip Girl. As a teenager, I myself am mesmerism’s by the world of the Upper East Side and it influences the way I view New York and the way I assume high school is supposed to be. The cultivation theory suggests that television gives us an alternate reality that the world we live in is a perception similar to what we watch on television.

Gossip Girl is a world of prestige and social status playing a crucial part of life. It touches on what everyone wants; wealth, power and fame, giving teenagers a look into that world. It creates a sort of fantasy world’ that we want to live in and strive to reach. It may not be bad but here are a few articles showing how Gossip Girl can influence the mind and shape adolescent girls. According to USA Today, this is said about Generation Y, The Millennial.

“The trend is more of an emphasis on extrinsic values such as money, fame, and image”, this is today’s generation of youths.

The media, especially television, has influenced young girls in many ways. Fashion, for example, is everywhere on television and in Gossip Girl; the clothing is the shows charm. The and the way you dress is the impression you give people hence girls go after the chic clothing, expensive Libation’s and aim to be admired because this is what television teaches them; if you don yourself in whatever is trending, you will be like the celebrities and you will gain power as people start to talk about you and know you. To girls, an amazing wardrobe can lead you to success or popularity.

The outright extravagant displays of corruption in alcoholism, sexual behavior and drug use in the series may lead to influencing young girls to deem it as a social norm and inclined to try such acts as they are basically raging hormones with the curiosity and willingness to experiment anything. This is a concoction that poisons the female teenage mind and reshapes the perceptions of what femininity and femaleness are. The cliques formed within the TV show – like Blair Waldron and her minions – portray the hegemony that is supposed to typify high school and teen years.

Teens are aught about hierarchy and that one’s ability is defined by how current you are and if you have hot dates, elaborate displays of wealth and other such superficial must- haves, only then you are socially accepted and respected. The social ladder is a crux in the lives of high school girls and they fight to be right at the top. Television has given them ideas of how it is like to be at the top and ways to climb up the social ladder, mostly by treading on other people, owning the trendiest items and all the materialistic wealth humanly possible and this has very much shaped the current era f girls, more prominently in the USA.

This is how the social learning theory is spot on as they learn and imitate from the behavior of the characters in the show. There is also a potential effect of television on the sexual beliefs and behaviors, mainly, of adolescent girls and the exposure is also shaping their sexual attitudes and they are definitely much more open-minded now in comparison to the past. It is a growing concern if young girls follow suit to think that Scandinavian and sex is normal which the image that is portrayed on television nowadays. Conclusion Television is a form of entertainment, an escape from daily lives and a laugh whenever we need.

It is needless to say that no matter how advanced the Internet gets, we will still go back to television to watch mindless drama’s or stuff like that.

Gossip Girl mocks our superficial fantasies while satisfying them, allowing us to partake in the over-the-top pleasures of the irresponsible superiors without anxiety or guilt or normalizing. Of course, there is no harm, but to the vulnerable minds of young girls which are easily affected by what others think, such drama serials may effect the way they choose to live and how they interact with others.