My Dream House Analysis

Everyone likes dreaming. It helps us to overcome the difficulties of our daily routine. As rule, people imagine that they have a lot of money, their own family which is happy and full of social life. Have you ever dreamt about a house that you really want? “A house is a machine for living in.

” written by El Corrosive, a well known architect in Switzerland 1923. Do you agree it? If you can design your own house, what would that be? In my mind, need a house which has full of us enlighten, quite wide of space and natural of ambiance.

This house would be shined by the sun and moon light in the countryside. I do not want to have it in town, because usually there are so many buildings that will block the sunlight. Would like to have one or two windows at least in every bedroom, including kitchen and bathroom.

Every time the sun is rising, it will light up every corner in this house. When everyone wakes up as soon as we just feel like a new born baby, so much energy we get. When time to sunset, you will see that the house is still beautiful by the light, shining on the front arch.

I imagine that my house would be huge like museum and have three stories. There would be three bedrooms at least in the second and third floor, not to mention that there must be a huge gymnasium near my bedroom which is located in the second floor. In the third floor, you will find out a very technical AD movie theater in there.

On the rooftop, it has the best amusement place, such as swimming pool, beer bar, DC stage and so on. You will never get any feeling like boring. Back to the appearance of the house, it also has an ancient style facade with four columns, and the staircases lead up to the front door.

My house would make you feel comfortable. When you walk near to the front door of the house, you will see a fountain, it has a magical function.

Everybody seems like very enjoyable and relax once they walk by the fountain. That is right. It is fragrance which is made from several flowers and fruits that added in the fountain. In additional, the way you walk from the front door to the living room is made of tempered glass, you can see mom various fishes just right down below your foot.

If you are tired, we have a wonderful interior stereo in the spiritual SPA room which is next to the living room. You will follow the music to become comfortable and it sounds like you are in a jungle. As you have fully understood how my house could be in the future, I believe that there will be many friends who can not wait to visit my fantasy house, and so do l. Anyway, I truly hope that one day this multi functional house will become true soon in my life.