Hitler Youth Narrative

What was the role of the HJ movement in Germany? •To educate and train young Germans as future members storm Regiment. •To make them physically and mentally have no weakness Hitler quoted “The weak must be chiselled led away. I want young men and women who can suffer pain.

A young German must be as swift as a greyhound, as tough as leather, and as hard as Krupp’s steel. ” •To make people think that they were important and helping the good of the country •Also it promoted anti-Semitism because Hitler wanted them to know that they are the Aryan race. They were teaching the same thing in the HJ as the school but the pupils of Hitler youth only focused on Hitler youth and didn’t focus on school, this started to frustrate the teachers •Hitler youth was very militarist in the way taught the members and indoctrinated them into persuading a future in the army. We can tell this just by their motto,’ blood and honour’ this was engraved on a dagger and they got this once they had past a certain test. The Hitler Youth made the child think the state was more important than the parents.

The child were constantly told to report their children if they saw their parents expressing anti-Nazism beliefs or ideas. •The HJ was also seen as an important stepping stone to future membership of the elite SS Impact of the Hitler Youth •The impact on society the Hitler Youth made Germany more disciplined and more obedient to Hitler’s will. It gave the Hitler youth members more extracurricular activities than other European countries. •Also it made most young German children have very strong beliefs in anti-Semitism because of what they were learning during their time in Hitler Youth. •The impacts are mixed although they did have this positive effect at the start but when the war started it became very hard to run the HJ effectively because of this more and more military drills and discipline was resented.