Decision Making Planning

Planning – Communication skill – Accuracy and attention to detail – Problem solving – Decision Making Planning: 1 ) What would you do if you experience conflicting priorities? 2) Tell me about a time where you had several projects to handle.

How did you handle it? It Is common for managers to experience conflicting priorities and having several projects to do at the same time.

By asking these two questions, the interviewer loud be able to identify the interviewee’s ability to set priorities and to establish actions to achieve the goals and objectives. Communication: 1) Here Is the situation we found ourselves In last year _ A team member was underperforming for a period of time and the rest of the team were upset since lower shipment means lower bonus for everyone.

How would you handle it in a similar situation? 2) Tell me about a time where your team did not agree with your decision. What did you do? When an interviewee answers these questions, he or she would be able to monster the methods to handle disagreements and gain acceptance of a decision or plan through the communication skills that he or she has.

Accuracy and attention to detail: 1) Tell me about a time you discovered an error that was overlooked by you team member. What did you do? How did you handle it? 2) How would you ensure that no details are forgotten when monitoring corrective action? 1) Share a time when you were faced with a deadline that you could not meet. How did you handle it? 2) Describe a problem that you solved for your organization. How did you approach it and what was the outcome?