Corporate social responsibility Jacques Lollipops

They use a certain amount of harmful elements, however they are trying to reduce their pollution and become more ecological.

Even though environmentalism is not the boss’ Carl Damson’s main priority, becoming green would give the company a better image, and make them stand out from their competition. For this reason, they have hired an employee, Jacques Lollipops, who Is a big supporter of the environment and would help the company improve their ethics.

Key Issues & Problems The main issue here is that the company had planned to become more ecological in order to boost their image, however they did not stick to plan. In consequence, this brought doubts to employee Jacques Lollipops about how truthful the company really is.

Lollipops decided to work for KIT because she was passionate about the environment, and Carl Damon hoped that she would bring awareness towards the entire company about being more ecological.

Nonetheless, they did not follow their resolutions, which shows a lack of commitment, as well as communication, as Lollipops was unaware of what was happening “behind the scenes” at the company. Kit’s dishonesty led Lollipops to distrust the company and question her working in such an environment, disrespecting her beliefs. This also shows a lack of “compassion” towards the employees on the behalf of the boss Carl Damon.

Apply Concepts Jacques Lollipops and Carl Damon had different motives.

Even though they agreed to turning the company green, Damson’s main priority was to maximize the company’s profit, whereas Lollipops wanted to help the environment. Therefore, subconsciously, there was a disagreement between the boss/manager and his employee. Damon ailed to adapt to the CEO-incentive: he failed to stick to the plan and reach the company’s goal. Furthermore, he did not have a clear vision and strategy for his employee, but rather for the company.

He did not motivate or express Interest In Lollipop’s success or well-being, and failed to communicate and handle the situation with her.

Damon knew environment wasn’t something he cared about, yet he still took the “risk” to make It a big part of the company, and soon It was at the bottom of the priority list, deceiving an employee who had put lots of dedication towards it. All of the latter leads Lollipops feeling powerless, as she is simply an employee under Damson’s commands and decisions, when Initially she was meant to be of a great help and importance to the company.

As a boss and manager, it is Damson’s duty to motivate his employees, meaning that he should take into account Lollipop’s environmental expertise, and make her feel useful at the company. This would not only improve their working relationship, but also enhance the company’s image, as originally planned.

What could be done next is, Jacques Lollipops could quit the Job, which would most keel change nothing in the company, as they weren’t taking her environmental work into account. Lollipops could also Just adapt to the current work environment she is in, even though it does not comply with her ethics.

Or, Damon could rethink his actions and motives, and find a suitable way to implement Lollipops ideas. Together they could discuss and agree on certain things in order make a plan to reach a goal. Choose a Course of Action The most suitable course of action is that Jacques Lollipops should leave this Job, for the simple reason that even though she resolves the problem with Damon, it could ere likely happen again, especially after seeing Damson’s attitude with his “nonchalant response” to whether ecological incentives were still implemented.

He was not able to achieve the goal they had set out to reach because he had other priorities and it is clear (from the beginning) that the environment is not one of them. Although Lollipops is a regular employee she was expecting to have a voice in the company in getting it greener. She is very passionate about the environment, and was dedicated to her work in the company, however was deceived by them. Therefore resignation would probably be the best option, as it does not seem like she could simply adapt to the company and let go of what she believes in.

Develop an Action Plan Damson’s problem is that he was not able to motivate or make his employee feel important. Therefore he should improve or change is management approach in order to not find himself in the same circumstances as he was with Lollipops. If he were to hire a new employee, goals, incentives and agreements should be set out clearly, orally and written, in order to avoid communication and comprehension problems. He should not set goals he knows aren’t going to work out.