Child Development Short

The Child study data gathered has originated from observations taken at Water of Life Christian School. Water of Life Christian School is located in Fontana, California. In this morning class there is approximately 24 students, 3 teacher aids, and 1 lead aid named Tara. The child that this child study focuses on is named Jonathan, Jonathan is 3 years and 7 months old.

Jonathan was chosen for this study for he was very active and vocal, when overlooking the whole class Jonathan was seen playing by himself, he was very animated and seemed to be enjoying his solitary play.

Though Jonathans grammar is still developing and needs correcting every once In a while, Jonathan Is a child who Is not afraid to say what they want to say. Throughout all the observations, Jonathan was very vocal compared to his peers. He was not afraid to vocalizes his needs and his wants. During observations 3-5, Jonathans biological development, cognitive development, and cognitive development were observed. According to the CDC developmental norms, Jonathan Is In the 25th percentile for weight, weighing in to 33 pounds.

Impaired to his peers Jonathan did not display an overweight or underweight body size. Jonathan had proportionate leg and arm sizes and he had a moderately flat stomach. Jonathan weighs approximately 33 pounds and is 34. 5 inches tall.

In regard to the CDC developmental norms Jonathan is below the 5th percentile. When comparing Jonathan to fellow classmates, he was not taller than any of the other boys or girls. Some girls did appear to be taller than Jonathan, but Jonathan did not fall far in height from them.

During the first observation of Jonathan, it was noted that he active and appears healthy. Jonathan never displayed a runny or stud nose, and when placed outside or inside, Jonathan did not react to he grass or any of his surroundings.

Jonathan did not have any rashes and did not scratch his body at all throughout all of the observations. The only noted physical defect was a small scratch on Jonathans forehead, it was slightly red and only CM in length.

As to why Jonathan had this small scratch on his head is unknown to the lead teacher and the teacher aids. Jonathan displays an above average activity level in comparison to this peers.

This is said due to the fact that Jonathan can hardly sit still without getting up and finding a new toy to play with. Child Development By Beautifying Jonathans grammar is still developing and needs correcting every once in a while, Jonathan is a child who is not afraid to say what they want to say.