Carter Cleaning Company

Manual Workers Include criteria such as Quality Quantity Attendance Punctuality Managers Include a list of quality standards for matters such as Store cleanliness Efficiency Safety Adherence to budget Question 1 Is Jennifer right about the need to evaluate the workers formally? The managers? Why or why not? Yes Jennifer is right, there is a need to evaluate the employees and the managers formally Why?

Through formal performance appraisal, manager and workers will know Scope of appraisal Translate the employer’s goals into specific employees’ goals (Manager and workers’ goals aligned with Carter cleaning company’s goal) Guidelines of appraisal Standards of performance As feet Action to be taken related to appraisal result. Manager and workers will have an appointment for developing a plan for correcting any deficiencies. To reinforce the things that managers or workers do correctly. Action to be taken to appraisal result :Positive Feedback – promotion or increase in salary.

Negative Feedback – Need training and counseling.

Question 2

Develop a performance appraisal method for the workers and store managers in each store performance appraisal method for the workers For an effective appraisal method We need to Measure the work output Base our appraisal on actual job duties Appraiser – Store manager Feedback – Given by the store manager Graphical Scales Provides the appraiser with easily interpretable data The preferred traits are listed with a range of performance.

In this example, what are the preferred traits? Inequality Graphical Scales – Example Excellent Very Good “the Worker performs with highest motivation and dedication” “Very Good performance, but no extra” Satisfying “the Worker gad “The worker fails to “in terms of quality, is his work output satisfying customers? ” “in terms of quantity, does he work efficiently, or just wastes time wandering around” Very bad reforms his work, but not at his best” perform well, intentionally or unintentionally “The worker performs intentionally bad, and decreases quality’ “in terms of attendance, is the worker always attending work? “in terms of punctuality, is the worker on time? ” Performance appraisal method for the store managers For an effective appraisal method? We need to Measure the objective achievements Appraiser -?Jennifer or other directors Feedback – Given by Jennifer or other directors Management by Objectives (MOB) Provides the appraiser with deeper goal setting of the organization Organizational-wide goals are better measurable using MOB, especially for shop managers.

In this example Carter Cleaning Company branch-wide goals: in terms of Of cleanliness work safety work efficiency financial management As there is no departments, the goals are discussed within the framework of branches. All branches have the same structure, hence the expected results would be the same for the job description of the store managers.