Business Environment Test Questions Narrative

Business environment is the active mind of a business, it manages and plans the business to avoid factors and impacts, or to work on expanding engendering these factors.

Samsung vs. Apple

The title seemed to be so attractive, and interesting to read about, in the other hand, writing about these two companies is extremely difficult because international companies as these two companies consider many factors that could impact them and their businesses, we do not consider , whether as customers or business students.

Starting with Apple Inc, the American multinational organization which owned by Steve Jobs, Steve Woozier, and Ronald Wayne. And located in 1 infinite loop, Cupertino, California 95014, in the middle of the Silicon Valley, which is owned by Steve Jobs, Steve Woozier, and Ronald Wayne. APPLE produces, designs, and develops the personal computers, and many other related software products, as well as the electronic products such as IMP players and pods. Apple Inch’s main products are Mac, pod, phone.

APPLE the company that every person around the world talks about, APPLE is committed to provide best computing, communicating and entertaining experience to its consumers which might be students, professionals,and industrial customers all over the world through its hardware, software and devices. On the other hand, the most competitive company with APPLE, which is SAMSUNG.

Samsung is a global combine that operates in the ‘White Goods” market or the market for consumer appliances and gadgets. The company is a South Korean family owned business, it has global aspirations and as the recent expansion into newer markets has shown, Samsung is not content with operating in some markets in the world but instead, wants to cover as many countries as possible. Therefore, the focus of this article is on the external environmental drivers Of Samsung strategy Apple PESTLE Analysis Political factors:

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, as well as the music rein innovation by pods and Apple music store, the political factors impacting apple are the government stability, tax policy, trade control, import restriction, competition regulation, tariffs, and all of these factors have affects on Apples business considering that Apple is on of the biggest businesses in the United States of America, Tax policies have the biggest influences.

Economic factors: National growth rate along and costs of raw materials tend to be economic factors that may influence apple’s business. They are able to also determine oral-wide income along with sales rate and demand of Apple’s electronic business. Other factors can also influence Apple’s business are trade patterns, labor costs, credit availability, unemployment trends, and stages of business cycle. Social factors: the needs and also life-style involving Apple’s customer base is actually previously modified. People are using generally there items an increasing number of for entertainment, which suggests needed phones and also PC’s with greater graphics appears and also long-lasting energy. Different elements are generally affecting too for example: life expectancy, family size, lath consciousness, life style, and buying habits.

Social influences have had a positive effect on Apple as they are seen as the ‘King of Technology, due to the quality, design and functionality. Technological factors: The progress of world wide web as well as broadband features all over the world incorporates a big affect on apple company.

Since most of these services improve, consequently as well usually are apple company to guarantee we could acquire the ideal expertise through the cell phone handsets, PC’s as well as tablets. Other factors also affecting Apple’s business re: basic infrastructure level, rate of technology changer spending on technology researches and development, legislation regarding technology. Apple still in the top of the market regarding innovative products, this is as a result of there large investments in their Research and Product Development Department. Gal factors: while launching a new item by Apple, as the new phone , entering new areas spots, legal regulation including Client Safety and Career Laws and customer protection may greatly affect the particular organization.

Government authorities throughout these kind of completely new industry areas provide essential legal restrictions and limitations that could affect the way in which Apple develop and offer their own items. Other factors also affecting Apple’s industry, as Anti-trust law, copyright patent, health and safety.

Environmental factors: As apple providing their commitment to protect the environment, Apple tends to manufacture the most energy efficient products in the world, as well as apple is one of the only companies to file comprehensive reports their greenhouse emissions, and They led industry to remove harmful toxins such as BAR and PVC from their products, and All products exceed 5. Energy Star government standard. (according to Apple’s annual report 2013). The environmental factors are also: climate change, air and water pollution, waste and recycling.

Samsung pestle analysis

Considering that Samsung is a south Korean owned family, and its operating internationally, this would probably make Samsung facing political factors that affect their business, as the military influence on South Korean politics, and the political violence. Other factors can also affect Samsung business as (the bad relations with South Korea, the strong relations with EX., and other entries. Samsung is facing a lot of economic challenges, as the low level of imports, and the competitive tax policies, on the other hand, the current strength of Samsung are the powerful exports, and the successful economic reforms.

The strength of Samsung comes from the economic circumstances as the high wages, and the highly educated work-forces, as well as the rapid arbitration. As the social challenges are really tough to face, as Aged society, and the low fertility rates, and the law welfare spending. Samsung is a strong technological investor, because the robust telecoms sector, and the presence of large global and domestic players. But the only technological challenges are the the scarce of the natural resources, and the rising of the currency rates. Ejaculatory intensives, favorable tax policies, and the exclusive constitutional court are the strength that Samsung has, but they still facing challenges as the absence of juries, and inefficient custom operations. Environment factors: The strength of Samsung facing the environmental factor are the intervention of the Korean government to protect the environment, and the promotion of of national parks, but that doesn’t mean that Samsung doesn’t face environmental challenges as limitation of the natural resources, and soil erosion.

Describe how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities of the selected organizations and their stakeholders Political Apple is now affected by the rules and the taxing laws in the US, Apple avoids paying billions of US dollars by using dummy headquarters abroad according to the Senate report, but Ireland has today denied to its blame.

In most of the markets where Samsung performs, the political atmosphere is conducive for you to its operations and though there are minor irritants in a tot of the foreign markets similar to India, overall Samsung can be said to be operating in markets the spot that the political factors are usually benign. Social Apple products are hard to resist, that what makes it an extraordinary, and as Apple website says “Apple is committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility wherever our products are made.

We insist that our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. ” Samsung is generally any Southern Korean family members owned or operated international.

Which means that irrespective of the global presence it however functions through the key as being a Korean company. For that reason, there are lots of elements to help the global surgical procedures a few of including adapting alone for the nearby problems. Gal Through the involvement of legal forces, the shape and future of the smart- phone market has been altered significantly. As companies begin to market products that have been deemed successful and popular, their respective corporations are adamant on patenting its features so as to prevent its competition from infringing on their technology. At the moment, about 16 recent of all U.S. Patents currently active pertain to the management of smart-phones.

As mentioned , Samsung offers skilled to handle big fees and penalties because of its expected counterfeit while using the Apple’s pad as well as phone eggs which offers resulted in the corporation taking a to whip where available tips as well as buyer endorsement connected with it truly is solutions are involved. That would be to possibly be called that you how a firm might wriggle from the approved maze that’s discovers by itself from the produced areas caused by various a lawsuit.

Apple stakeholders suppliers : Apple demand every person in its companies to fulfill the biggest needs regarding all of those services and products.

People’s technical specifications include a motivation so that you can serve good quality to its customers. Apple employees Due to the fact sourcing with the The apple company PC Corporation with 1977, it (as The apple company Pc, Inc. ) apple employed 75, 000 people globally. The majority of Apple’s employees located in the united states, yet the apple company provides large manufacturing, income, advertising, and assist companies globally, and several engineering functions with Paris and Tokyo. Apple Developer, formerly Apple Developer Connection or ADS, is Apple Inc.’s developer network.

Software developers: Apple Developer offers both free and paid programs. Free programs include a basic Apple Developer account and the Safari Developer Program, while paid plans include the ISO Developer Program and the Mac Developer Program It is designed to make available resources to help software developers-write software for the Mac SO X and ISO platforms SAMSUNG STAKEHOLDERS: Customers Inquiries by customer companies on Samsung Electronics’ CARS activities dramatically increased in 201 1 A significant number Of suppliers were objected to site audits and improvements were immediately made on some of the issues identified.

Relevant policies and plans were also established to address issues that required longer term effort. Government Shared growth between large companies was the policy focus of South Korean government in 2011.

Samsung Electronics actively participated in a public-private dialogue, hosted by the Shared Growth Committee, in order to make active contribution in realizing shared growth objectives. Suppliers Samsung Electronics has established various communication channels for the collection honest opinions from our suppliers.

We have a dedicated supplier complaint and grievance handling system through which suppliers can communicate their problems and find solutions. We are also reflecting supplier opinions collected through training sessions and seminars. TASK 2 Describe the influence oft contrasting economic environments on business activities within a selected organization We can com pare from the article of the colleague, and objective analyst (Tom Starves) which published by www. Forbes.

Mom : “Apple and Samsung top the charts in smart phone shipments and tablet shipments: in round numbers Samsung sold 300 million smart phones in 2013 while Apple sold 150 million out of a total market of nearly one billion handsets. The lower-grade feature phones add 800 million to the total of which Samsung shipped 150 million. Apple sells only smart phones” GAP Apple is the profit generating machine since the past few years. The macroeconomic discussions that Apple’s success prompts tend to be very curious things.

Apple is a company that’s been phenomenally successful, making products that people love and directly creating nearly 50,000 American jobs in doing so, criticized for not locating its manufacturing operations in America, even as Americans complain to Apple about the working conditions Of those doing the manufacture abroad: life in dormitories, 12-hour shifts 6 days a week, and low pay. It isn’t enough for Apple to have changed the world with its innovative consumer electronics.

It must also rebuild American manufacturing, and not just any manufacturing: the manufacturing of decades ago when reasonable hours and high wages were the norm. As long as the trend continues, there is no end in sight and Apple will still have an impressive pile of cash (short-term investments) on and, yet Apple is showing signs of weakness. Growth seems to be slowing down. In South Korea, when people talk about big business, they mean big, sales of the five largest companies are roughly equivalent to two-thirds of South Koreans gross domestic product.

None of them is bigger than SAMSUNG, a collection of more than 70 companies whose revenues are about equal to a quarter of GAP, a scale that has led some to refer to South Korea as “the Republic of Samsung. ” Like the country’s other family-run, government- supported conglomerates known as Cacheable, Samsung has grown by fast allowing a strategy that has made it the world’s largest electronics company by revenue and South Korea the world’s eighth largest exporter.

Samsung in 201 1 became the leader in smart phone sales, setting off a titanic series of patent fights with Apple. Samsung is trying to shake that copycat image at the same time that it and other Cacheable are facing generational transitions. The question younger leaders face is whether the web of government, corporate and cultural ties that made the Cacheable dominant will help or hinder innovation. Inflation Inflation is an increase in the prices of goods in an economy but it only means hat the average prices will increase not every price in the whole economy.