24 simple self-care ideas for happiness at home

What better time is there than now to do some self-care?

I think most of us can say that we are in some pretty stressful times.

Between the constant news updates, kids and spouses at home, finding basic supplies, and trying to figure out a new schedule, anxiety is at an all-time high.

But giving into anxieties and stress doesn’t add an ounce of happiness to our lives.

So, to help you through these very uncertain times here’s a list of super-simple self-care ideas to easily incorporate into your new schedule. 


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First, I want to help out with some common questions around self-care.

What are the different types of self-care?

Before we even get started, it might be helpful to know what the different categories of self-care are.

Knowing the types of self-care will help you identify what area you need the most love in.

You can start there.

Also, it helps to know the self-care categories so you can be mindful of hitting each area. But don’t worry about incorporating self-care in each category into every single day.

Balance, my friends!

A good practice would be to try hitting each one per month.

These are the different types of self-care:

  • Psychological self-care
  • Emotional self-care
  • Spiritual self-care
  • Physical self-care
  • Professional self-care

The self-care ideas list below includes some of every type of self-care.

They are broken down so they are more manageable to implement into your new at-home schedule.


How do I write a self-care routine?

These super-simple self-care ideas also make it easy to write a self-care routine!

When the world starts up again, it won’t take much time to see where you can squeeze them in because they are simplified to the point they don’t need a lot of time.

When things go back to normal (we hope sooner than later), you’ll be taking care of yourself while managing what is sure to be a jam-packed schedule.

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Is taking care of yourself selfish?

Absolutely. And, honestly, that’s how it should be.

But I would reframe the word selfish to something like “choosing to fill your cup so that you have enough to pour into others”.

When I don’t take time to do my hair, to do some crunches, to paint my toenails, I start to feel more and more like crap on a stick.

So, in order to feel your best, you need your rest.

You gotta wash that hair. You have to take care of yourself.

If that’s being selfish, then that’s what its gotta be.

How do I learn to take care of myself first?

It’ll be tough to implement these self-care ideas if you don’t work on your mindset around taking care of yourself.

You’ll likely have to work to rewire your thought process, and how you feel about yourself compared to everyone else.

You gotta believe that you are worth care and rest, too.

If there are some codependent tendencies you have, you start there.

Workaholism is another mental block that can come in when you are wanting to take care of yourself.

You might be putting way too much pressure on yourself to be perfect and to be everything to everyone.

News flash: nobody’s perfect. So, throw that away right now.

Let me encourage you to free yourself from these beliefs, and these habits. 

You have to make sure that you are addressing these habitual ways to be able to make way for even the simplest of self-care.

But maybe it’s not that deep, and it’s just something you’re not used to doing.

Well, my friend. The best way to start is to just start!


24 simple self-care ideas

  1. Put your legs up the wall for 5 minutes
  2. Write down one thing you’re grateful for
  3. Do a pickup order at Target (saves time, and they bring it to your car)
  4. Paint your own nails
  5. Take a walk around the block
  6. Check-in on a friend
  7. Floss your teeth
  8. Eat a protein-rich, hot breakfast
  9. Do a 10-minute facial/exfoliant in the shower (click here for these budget-friendly masks, which are my go-to when I’m taking a quick shower during my twins’ nap time)
  10. Do a self-massage
  11. Clean out your purse
  12. Get rid of old makeup
  13. Listen to a calming playlist
  14. Drink an energy-boosting beverage that’s not coffee
  15. Watch a motivational youtube video
  16. Read an interesting article (here’s one about some more great things to do while you’re stuck at home!)
  17. Use a hot face towel to do a quick pore cleanse
  18. Enjoy a hobby for an hour (something you like doing, but that isn’t for any financial gain)
  19. Drink a full glass of water
  20. Take your multivitamin
  21. Make up a silly story with the kids
  22. Say a few positive affirmations out loud
  23. Do a 10-minute clean in one room
  24. Turn off your phone for one hour

I hope these simple self-care ideas help you to continue to make yourself a priority. Because you matter.

Your self-care is important.

Taking care of yourself helps you to take care of everyone else. 

So, make sure you are filled up so that you aren’t trying to pour from an empty cup.

Always be happy,