Setting you free to create your own version of happiness.

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Setting you free to create your own version of happiness.

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Recent Blog Posts

Life Update for My Readers

"Where are you? Okay... I need you to hear me, sis. Are you listening? ...Heather is dead." It's like my heart had been instantly ripped from my chest and thrown into a blender already running on full speed. "Wait, what? What do you mean?" Despite all of the careful...

A Dream Deferred: A Quick Note on Loss

So, I wrote an email to my awesome subscribers a few weeks back and received some feedback that it was encouraging and that it was appreciated. As I'm still making my way out of the place I describe below, I thought why not share it with everyone, right? The more...

How to be Happy with Exactly Who You Are Right Now

How to be happy with exactly who you are right now. It can be tough sometimes to be happy with who you are. There are a ton of competing forces telling you to be this or that, to look this way, to act another. Can't eat that because God forbid it show up in your...

How to Take a Personal Retreat & Re-Energize Your Goals

Sometimes change is overwhelming to the point where you need to break away. Sometimes life is extremely challenging, and a new environment just for a little while is necessary. A staycation isn’t it. There’s not enough money for a vacation, and self-care Sunday ain’t cuttin’ it. It might be time to take a personal retreat, happy people.

Is Fear Holding You Back From Life?

I have always been fascinated by the concept of fear. As a cautious person, I always felt like fear was the mind’s way of protecting itself. I love that as humans we have a fight or flight response. I love that my mind wants me to survive so badly that it will take my...

Another Nomination? Sunshine Blogger Award

So, ya girl was nominated for another award, y'all! I was so excited to go through my comments on my blog and see that I'd been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. It's really motivating and reminds me of the reason I started this whole journey. Thank you to...

Goal Crush Monday – May 2018 Goals

Hey there, happy people! I’ve been seeing some bloggers post about their goals, and I think it’s an excellent way to stay personally accountable and to also be transparent with my readers. And it so fits with what the mission of my blog is, right? So, I’ve decided to share my monthly wins and goals with you all!

Fail Your Way to Success: Here’s How

Feeling like you’ve failed absolutely, positively sucks. Like, it is the worst feeling to try so hard at something and fall flat on your back. And there are so many opportunities to do just that in life, right? People can fail us, relationships can end, interviews don’t always end in securing the position. These are the hard facts of life. But, there’s hope, happy people! There’s hope in feeling the fail.

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