There’s a lot of interest in the tools and resources I have used along my journey to daily build a positive lifestyle. I wanted to create this resource page for you to quickly find tried solutions. I do receive a small commission on items you see here at no extra cost to you. I’ve linked to items I personally use and support, and pray you receive as much benefit from them as I have!

Most Recommended:

This is my number one most recommended book to increase self-awareness, to overcome self-defeating habits, and finally be happy. It’s helped me immensely on my journey, and I pray it helps you, too! Click here.

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude leads to better emotional, physical, and mental states. We all could use a little help getting started. Grab this daily gratitude journal by Clicking here.

I start every Monday morning with an affirmation, and have found them to be such an incredibly powerful way to start my week. Start speaking positivity into your life with these beautiful affirmations. Click here.

Essential oils can be a great way to keep your mood in check. I use my desk diffuser from time to time to help me into the present moment, and out of a negative headspace. Click here.

Lavender is one of the most utilized essential oils, mainly due to its calming effect and ability to help with anxiety and moodiness. A couple drops in your diffuser, and you’re golden! Click here.

Taking pills can be challenging, but when I can remember to do it, I make sure fish oil is one of them. It’s great for keeping a handle on depressive mood, and it keeps my hair strong and shiny? Winning! Click here.

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