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Achieving your goals takes determination.


You see, I had a vision a few years back of where my life will go if I face my fears. Since that day, I have been on a steady trajectory toward achieving what God placed on my heart to accomplish in this world. Creating vision boards for each year has been a part of that process. And this year, securing a promotion is one of many goals I placed on my vision board. It’s something I feel would give me immense fulfillment day in and day out.


So after much advice, and spending time in thoughtful reflection and prayer, I submitted my application. I interviewed the following week, and what a week that was, lemme tell ya!



During my experience, I had several conversations with my friends and colleagues about what the outcome might be. At first, the thought about just one outcome gave me pause. But then it hit me – “this” or “that” are not my only choices. There are several paths and opportunities available to me to get to where I want to be.


But I pressed on through the interview process, and finally, the decision was made.


And I didn’t get it, y’all.


After taking some time to digest the news, I’ve come to this conclusion: I have to resolve to succeed one way or another. I can’t give up because this door closed. I gotta keep pushing toward what I set out to do – and that is to ultimately live a life I’ve only dreamed of. Regardless of the outcome of just this one opportunity amidst an everlasting sea of opportunity in this world, I will continue to be great.


See, I’ve clung to outcomes here in the past – and still do more than I’d like to admit. But often, it’s the clinging to outcomes that causes me so much pain and suffering.


Life, I’ve come to understand, is better when there is less clinging.


It’s so much easier to navigate when we allow life to be exactly what it is – an uncertain and risky rollercoaster ride. The more I just throw my hands up, the more I can enjoy the twists, turns and bumps life has to offer, the more I can allow myself to fully live and absorb the magnitude of my experiences. Because they all happen for a reason, right? It’s up to me to find that meaning, learn the lesson, and move on in faith to the next.


When facing a particular outcome, when wanting a thing more than life itself, what attitude are you choosing to take on if it’s not what you wanted? If the guy you fell head over heels for dumps you, if your new business venture isn’t taking off as quickly as you thought it would, or if you don’t get that promotion – how will you choose to respond? Will you give up, turn tail, sulk with head down? Or will you choose to continue to place yourself in the way of greater opportunity? Will you push yourself past the perceived failure toward ultimate success?


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God has great things in store if we trust He has our backs. Don’t let one person’s opinion of you shape the rest of your existence, love. Go be great despite.


“You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again; from the depths of the earth you will bring me up again. You will increase my greatness and comfort me again.” – Psalm 71:20, 21


Talk soon,

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